freitag / 21.3.14 / 12-17.30 / kostenlos / für tanz-musik-performance-interessierte / Lichthof 
wir bewegen, tanzen, sprechen, performen, schreiben, zeichnen….
wir arbeiten mit scores wie „do what you see“ und „do what you saw“, erstellen erinnerungs-protokolle und untersuchen wie form mit hierarchie zusammenhängt. 
kommt vorbei!!!

fragen und anmeldung an: 

… a research circeling around form and hierarchy …

Ranulph Glanville & Francisco Varela

Form is done in a process of coming back to it, it is appearing in circularity. Form prefigures movements and is figured out by movements. Form is in-forming, de-forming and per-forming. Form appears to us as something with an inside and outside – a problem of observation. form appears in a medium. the medium is only visible through form. there is an asymmetry between form and medium … a hierarchy.
how “much hierarchy” is necessary to give form to something – if form appears as eminent or outstanding, something that takes shape against a background, or if we consider decision making as a hierarchical act in itself?